9 Neutral Ways To Get Rid of Insects In The Summer

It is very difficult to deal with insects, they can eat everything in front of them and crawl on food, leaving ؤraps in the drawers, chambers and cracks.

As many families suffer from insects the summer, we offer you some tips to prevent summer insects from penetrating your home, especially with the advent of the summer, where insects are frequent and spread everywhere, in this article we tried to offer you the most effective tips and steps to keep your house clean and healthy throughout the summer season.

Cleaning the dishes after every meal
We all know this advice since our childhood, and our mothers always advise us to clean the kitchen after eating. The smell of food attracts insects, so take preventive measures and clean your kitchen immediately after cooking and eating.

Use refrigerator and freezer
High temperatures in your kitchen make food spoil quickly. So use the fridge and freezer more often in the summer to store your food. This is not only keeps the food going longer, it also acts as a barrier between you and the insects coming to you.

Garbage disposal
If you do not throw garbage regularly, you are not only helping to bring diseases to your family members, but also helping the insects come to you .

Therefore, always take the garbage regularly because it prevents the coming of insects and breeding around, in addition to the need to put garbage in boxes with a lid to prevent odors from spreading and attracting insects.

Cleaning of kitchen cabinets
Check and clean your cabinets and kitchen cabinet regularly. Many of us make mistakes when they keep the food boxes without realizing that they have ended several months, sometimes years, before they get rid of them.

Cleaning the shelves and kitchen cabinet helps you to examine open foods and crumbs, which is the biggest treatment to prevent the arrival of insects to your home.

Repair the faucet
Insects, like us, need water to survive. Thus, a tap water leak can be found as an oasis in a desert island for insects.

Repairing the faucets and preventing the leakage helps you prevent the presence of insects either in the kitchen or in the bathrooms.

Clean the sinks of food residue
If you have a built-in garbage bin that is difficult to remove in your kitchen, be sure to regularly clean it from the residue. We do not suggest you to disassemble the appliance to clean it. This can be dangerous, but you can clean the garbage container regularly. When you get rid of it, the garbage still has food leftovers, which brings insects.

You can clean the built-in garbage bin in the wall, through 1/2 cup of sodium bicarbonate with 1/2 cup of vinegar. Sprinkle some of this mixture in the bank and wait for five minutes, then pour some of the boiling water to clean and wipe everything from your bank.

We hope that you enjoyed the journey with us, and we gladly wish to hear your stories with insects on the comment section.

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