Best Protein Powders 2020 | What To Look For When to Get Protein Powder

Few amateur athletes, Things you need Protein powders that support their exercise regime, it can be a very convenient way to free up all the fuel needed to repair and build muscle after exercise.

However, the choice of the huge protein powders available is difficult. We talked to Dr. Daniel Fenton, GP and clinical director of the London Doctor’s Clinic, about what people should pay attention to when choosing protein powders. Fenton’s in-depth advice follows, but the main things to consider when choosing a powder are:

First, check the amount of protein you eat per serving. This is the key figure. Then compare the concentration and profile of amino acids (or BCAAs). You need a complete protein source that contains 9 essential amino acids with leucine of ideal size. Check the amount of carbohydrates, fats and sugar in the powder. These should be consistent with the general approach to your diet. Finally, carefully scrutinize the ingredient list for additives such as thickeners, preservatives, sweeteners and fillers. In general, fewer of these are better.

Best protein powder

We tried swallow In the Protein Powder Review section you will find ratings and tasting information for each nutrient. But if you want a shorter version, I would recommend:

Best Whey Protein Powder: Myprotein Pro THE Whey +

Only the best ingredients were used to make this powder. It slowly releases muscle-forming BCAAs, serving 26g of protein per 32g through “beadlets”. It mixes easily without lumps, and has a rough texture but the chocolate brownie taste wins.

Buy from Myprotein | 35.99 lbs to 960 g

2. Best Budget Protein Powder: Bulk Powder Pure Whey Protein

The concentrated whey of this powder is not the more refined type that can be found in the more refined options (isolation, hydrolyzate and natural), but considering the 24.2 g of protein per 30 g serving and the variety of flavors, you need to find the right one.

£ 19.99 per kg purchased from Amazon (currently reduced to £ 7.79)

3. Best Casein Protein Powder: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein

Each 32 gram serving of this powder contains 24 grams of protein, which is sourced from premium micelles for slow delivery to the muscles over time, making it an ideal option for a pre-bedtime shake.

£ 14.95 for 450g Buying from Amazon

4. Best Vegan Protein Powder: Healthspan Elite Complete Vegan Protein

Provides 100% of the recommended daily B12 intake with 20g of protein per 27g of serving this powder. This is important because it is a vitamin that is virtually impossible to get enough vegan. Protein is sourced from a combination of peas, zucchini and brown rice, providing a complete source of essential amino acids.

Buy on Amazon | £ 24.99 for 1kg

5. The Best Recovery Protein: SiS REGO Rapid Recovery +

In a 70g serving of this powder, 24g of protein is just the beginning of what you get. It also contains 38 g of carbohydrates to help you recover from strong endurance activity. For citrus pans, the lemon taste is above the head and shoulders.

Buy from SiS | 16 lbs to 490g

Protein Powder Buyer’s Guide

It is difficult to choose the vast amount of protein powder available. Especially when we make a big promise about the impact of each powder powder on them.

You may assume that all of them do the same thing, but that’s not the case. coach Talk with Dr. Daniel Fenton, Clinical Director and GP London Doctors Clinic, the differences between protein powders, how important the price is and whether it contains ingredients that you need to pay attention to. Then we used Fenton’s criteria to evaluate and taste the best protein powders so you know better what you bought.

What should people pay attention to when choosing protein powders?

“The amount of protein, amino acid profile, cost, taste and number of additives obtained from each serving are a few key factors. I tend to focus on yield (the actual amount of protein obtained from each serving) and amino acid profile.

“We recommend choosing low fat, low carb and high protein powders. All three are needed to help muscle development, but balance is important.

“The difference in protein content in the various powders is amazing. Do not simply pay for the brand name. The proof is a number. Carefully look at the concentration and type of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) contained in the protein. Leucine has been shown to be one of the most important BCAAs, so it must contain the proper amount. ”

What is the difference between the two main protein types, whey and casein?

“Whey versus casein can be seen as a fast versus slow protein.

“Muscle growth is determined by simple science like protein (muscle) degradation versus protein synthesis. If the synthesis of new muscle proteins is greater than the breakdown of muscle proteins, you will get a net gain in muscle mass.

“Whey is usually processed very quickly with amino acids, which reaches the highest level within an hour after consumption, which supports muscle synthesis very quickly. But the highest level drops very quickly.

“Whey is considered an anabolic protein because it accelerates protein synthesis so fast that muscles rebuild, but it has little effect on muscle breakdown that occurs naturally after exercise.

“Casein can take several hours to metabolize, resulting in slow release of proteins that help muscle recovery and growth. It is often referred to as an anti-catabolic protein because it helps to prevent excess protein degradation.

“The disadvantage is that casein will remain in the stomach for a considerable amount of time, and I can understand that it is difficult to complete a high-intensity exercise that is full of stomachs.

In essence, balance and timing are key to maximum gain. Ignore people who scientifically say ‘casein is the key’ or ‘whey only.’ Scientifically this is not true. Appropriate use of both can help you exercise well and complement your natural metabolism. ”

What should I do if I pay more for protein powder?

“It is natural to think that more expensive products are better. But this is wrong. Content matters more than cost. All protein powders contain some additives, including thickeners, preservatives, sweeteners and fillers.

“We recommend that you look at the labels before you buy. While the main focus is gaining muscles, it is better not to put nutritional duplicate chemicals into the body. Here are some things to note:

“Avoid artificial sweeteners, including sucralose, aspartame and saccharin. It is estimated that sugar is better than sugar, but this is not true. There is no good evidence that they reduce weight gain, type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome, and some studies show an increased risk of actually causing unhealthy results.

“Milk powder is an inexpensive bulking agent widely used in protein powders. They are high in lactose sugar if you are lactose intolerant. This can contribute to gastrointestinal disorders, including bloating and loose stools.

“Oil and fat are added to protein supplements to increase their abundance. They are non-essential ingredients that can contribute to hypercholesterolemia [high cholesterol]. Despite tremendous fitness levels and generally healthy eating, it is common to see high cholesterol levels in bodybuilders and athletes. Consuming oiled protein powder is considered a contributing factor. ”

Is it worth looking for additional benefits of protein powders such as vitamins and minerals or fiber?

“The simple answer is no! These offer great selling points, but if you eat a balanced diet with protein supplements, you don’t need additional vitamins.

“Is there a limit to the amount of protein the body can absorb from serving?

“The human body is an impressive machine that likes to maintain a balanced internal environment. We can fill ourselves with proteins, but only absorb as much as needed for muscle synthesis.

The Ministry of Health recommends about 55 g of protein per day for male adults and slightly less protein for women. Obviously, high-intensity workouts will often require this ideal, as muscle turnover increases and protein demands increase. But if we eat too much protein, the body simply metabolizes and excretes. This literally means you can wash your money and protein. ”

Protein powder reviews

Myprotein Clear Whey Isolate If it points out to you, it seems strange to drink a thick, milky protein shake after a sweaty workout. Much Lesser Points of Myprotein Adult Clear Whey Isolate offers a refreshing alternative with scents like mojito and peach tea. 25 g servings contain 20 g of protein, which is supplied from hydrolyzed whey isolate.

Rainbow Candy Taste Test: Shakes generated with powder are not completely clear, but they are charged with treatment after a refreshing workout. Rainbow candy flavor was fruit and some sour – in other words all-round joy. A few lumps float on the surface, but the powder quickly mixed.

Buy from Myprotein | £ 19.99 for 500g

Top Nutrition Diet Whey

Calories in this shake are low at 123 per 30 grams, but this is not the only reason for claiming “diet”. It also contains fat-burning ingredients such as green tea extract and acetyl L-carnitine. In fact, it proudly contains 5 cups of green tea per serving. Looks like a lot of green tea at once. It contains 23.4 g of protein with green tea and is extracted from whey concentrate.

Strawberry and cream taste test: This was a bit bumpy despite the furious attempt to submit it, but the taste was pleasant enough and avoided the cloning sweetness caused by the strawberry being full. Do not fill the strawberry.

Buy from Supreme Nutrition | £ 34 per kg

One Pro Nutrition Whey Protein + Collagen

We know your thoughts. “Why is collagen in this protein powder on earth? According to One Pro, collagen ensures rapid recovery after exercise and also strengthens ligaments. There are also other authentic additives that include acai and goji berries for extra vitamins and minerals, and larvae bacteria that promote intestinal health. In a 35 g serving there are 24 g of protein, in the serving there is only 3 g of sugar, and stevia sweetens the shake.

Strawberry Taste Test: There is nothing particularly dramatic to report here, but no good news. The shake easily mixes and tastes good. beautiful.

Buy from a single pro nutrition | £ 13.99 per 5 pcs of 35g sachet

Myprotein Pro THE Whey +

We know that protein powder means business when “THE” is capitalized and has a plus sign. To be fair, only the best ingredients used were a blend of isolated and hydrolyzed whey and micelle casein, which provided a potent 26 g of protein for up to 32 servings. Myprotein also uses “beadlets” to deliver BCAAs to the powder step by step to maximize the effect on muscle growth.

Chocolate Brownie Taste Test: The good news is that it mixes quickly in water without lumps, and the texture once mixed is slightly rough but not unpleasant. The chocolate brownie taste is similar to the real one, so mixing it with milk can make it taste richer.

Buy from Myprotein | 35.99 lbs to 960 g

Bulk Powder Pure Whey Protein

If you’re looking for a bargain, I recommend Bulk Powder Whey Powder, which packs 24.2g of protein in 30g servings, including new options like tiramisu. While 82% whey concentrate is not as pure as you would find in more expensive options, servings have 5.3 g of BCAAs and sugar remains low at 1.5 g.

Buy in bulk powder | 500g £ 11.99 (currently reduced to £ 7.79)

Precision engineering whey

Hydrolyzed whey, concentrates and isolates are all used to make this powder providing 19 g of protein per 24 g serving. Sugar water is kept at 1 g per serving, instead stevia-based sweeteners are used.

Birthday Cake Taste Test: This stevia-based sweetener is a very sweet drink, so it should be mixed in large quantities. The powder mixes well with the required amount of water (taken in 125 ml) per serving and has a smooth texture. The taste begins with a fairly mild but quickly subtle sweet, but if you buy a birthday cake flavor powder, it’s probably after that.

Buy from Holland & Barrett | £ 29.99 for 908g (currently reduced to £ 13.99)

Natural Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate

This powder uses whey isolate and delivers 24.7 grams of protein per serving, which is as good as the amount of protein per gram. Serving has 3.2 g of leucine, 5.6 g BCAA total. There is not much to note here. Fibers and carbohydrates are used in sweeteners with stevia in 0.5g increments.

Vanilla Taste Test: The powder blends very easily, but the taste has tested our tolerance to sweetness to the limit.

Buy on Amazon | £ 33.99 for 1kg

Dr. Smart Protein

The hook of this powder is an excellent ingredient for wiping baked snacks in which oat flour is packed with protein, and if you prefer picks after post-workout, it is easier to make mousse instead of shake. Me up. One serving 30 g contains 19 g of protein and 116 calories, and sucralose is a sweetener used to lower the sugar count to 0.9 g.

Lemon Drizzle Cake Taste Test: We thought this would be the taste of a lemon, but there is also a cake flavor. The texture is satisfactorily thick but slightly sweet but tasty and tasty.

Buy from Amazon for £ 17.50 for 900g

Kin Nutrition WHEYLESS Whey Protein

This supplement is made from 90% whey isolate and delivers 23 g of protein in a 30 g serving. Kin also aimed to differentiate by adding fiber and probiotics through flaxseed powder to aid digestion. The 1.3 g of fiber in the serving is still very good, but it’s a welcome touch.

Vanilla Taste Test: Vanilla, Jim, is as we know it. Nevertheless, it is a standard but pleasant taste, despite being slightly influenced by the consistency of the powder. There is a little lump left on the floor.

Buy from Kin Nutrition | £ 34.99 per kg

SiS Advanced Separation +

Every 40 g of chocolate orange flavor of SiS’s Advanced Isolate packs a huge amount of protein in 32 g of protein, including 9 g of BCAA (the amount of protein varies slightly depending on taste), 5 g of leucine. Carbohydrate count is low at 2.7 g (0.9 g sugar) per serving, but sucralose is used to add sweetness and has 0.9 g of fat per serving.

Buy from SiS | £ 45 per kg

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

ON’s popular Gold Standard Whey provides 24g of protein per 30g serving, and whey is easy to mix, separate, concentrate and hydrolyze. Each serving contains 5.5g naturally occurring BCAA and 4g glutamine and glutamic acid, including our old friend Leucine, which is another supplement that supports muscle growth. For 113 calories, 1.1 g of carbs, 1.8 g of carbs. To prevent the lack of sugar, two artificial sweeteners, sucralose and acesulfame K, are used.

Buy on Amazon | £ 45.95 for 2.27kg

Multi Power 100% Pure Whey Protein

The whey complexes of this protein powder are mainly whey isolates and the powder is instantiated and easily mixed with water. A 30g serving contains 24g of protein, including 5.7g of BCAAs. Low in carbohydrates of 1.3 g of fat and 1.4 g of low fat per serving, and the sweeteners used are sodium cyclamate, sodium saccharin and acesulfame K.

Buy on Amazon | £ 25.45 for 900g

Scitec Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Professional

This protein powder is nothing particularly new except for its impressive taste (kiwi banana, who?), But it offers a 22g protein package per 30g serving. The serving has 2 g of fat and 1.4 g of carbohydrates, with the sweetness of acesulfame K and sucralose.

Buy on Amazon | £ 40.99 to 2.35kg

Casein protein

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein

Micellar casein is used in this premium powder and is designed to be taken before bedtime or between workouts to provide a slow release of anabolic BCAAs. A 30g serving contains 24g of protein, including 9.6g of amino acids and has seven flavors.

Buy at Optimum Nutrition | 

Grenade Hydra 6 Protein

This 50:50 mixture of whey and casein uses a premium form of whey isolate and micelle casein to provide the ultimate blend of fast absorbing and slow absorbing proteins. Separation allows beverages to mix easily and quickly absorbs whey after exercise, and micelle casein digests more slowly than other forms of casein, so the protein is constantly hit during the day or night. There are 5 g BCAAs and 2.2 g leucine per serving. Sucralose is used to sweeten the mix.

Peanut Nutter Taste Test: The name suggests that the flavor will be overwhelming, but the truth is the opposite. The shaking is not too thick or outdated.

Buy on Amazon 

SiS Overnight Protein

This powder is a 50:50 mix of whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate, the latter is 80% casein and 20% whey. Whey protein comes from milk and is rich in leucine. It is good to drink hot or cold, but to drink before bedtime, you need to go warm. Carbohydrates and fats are low at 3.1 g and 2.3 g respectively, but the powder contains sucralose sweeteners.

Buy from SiS  

Vegan protein powder

Myvegan Vegan Protein Blend

Peas and green onions are protein sources of this vegan powder, and you can get a complete protein source with combos. Each 30g serving contains 22g of protein and only 102 calories with steviol glycosides to provide sweetness in the absence of sugar.

Turmeric Latte Taste Test: This taste did not please us with milky and slightly earthy, but fair will probably be popular with drink fans as you can imagine it as a way to taste turmeric latte. The powder was mixed well at all without lumps.

Buy at Myvegan 

Gorilla Juice

The protein in this shake is sourced from brown rice and peas, each of which has 18 g in 25 g. But this is not in the serving. Gorilla Juice’s powder contains 14 “superfoods” including chlorella, alfalfa powder and yucca roots. That is it.

Strawberry Shabang Taste Test: Disappointing The shakes were thick and earthy, and the name “Shabang” overselled the mild strawberry flavor. It wasn’t good to drink, but it was a little harder to get off than other less viscous shakes.

Buy from Gorilla Juice 

Bulk Powder Vegan Protein Powder

To get the complete protein, bulk powder added five sources of peas, brown rice, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed and quinoa powder to the mixture of this powder. A 35 g serving contains 22.9 g of protein and 0.5 g of sugar with stevia as a sweetener.

Apple Strudel Taste Test: You might think this would be an apple flavor, but there is definitely a strudel note there. It was actually very pleasant. Bulk powder has a variety of flavors, including white powdered coconuts as well as unexpected snacks like this struut shake, as vegan powder is not always the case. But when it comes to texture, some traces have disappeared.

Buy in bulk powder 

Supernova Advanced Vegan Protein

There are all kinds of things here. To be honest, too many ways to turn my head. This protein comes from peas and brown rice, which are in large quantities we understand, but are rich in adaptation. Medical mushrooms such as chaga and cordyceps, and medical mushrooms such as maca and asand kanda, all offer impressive benefits. We take all those claims in a lump of salt, but take 20 g of protein for serving and all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth. can do Turn on the hat.

Flavor Taste Test: The taste is reminiscent of plaster, but mixing the powder into a smoothie or a few times of espresso does not appear in the mix, as you always have to do when using an unflavored powder. Honestly, we won’t believe anyone who drinks an incense shake.

Buy on Amazon 

Health Span Elite Complete Vegan Protein

Pea, zucchini and brown rice proteins are mixed into this powder to provide a complete protein containing all 20 amino acids. In addition, vitamins are added to the powder, including 100% of the recommended daily intake of B12, which is difficult to get from food when vegan. The powder has no fragrance, but you can add spices to your order. Each 27g serving contains 20g protein, 100.7 calories, 1.5g fat and 2.8 carbs.

Buy at Healthspan  

Stealth vegan recovery protein

This powder contains everything you need to recover from long exercise sessions, making it ideal for runners and cyclists. Along with 20 g of protein per 50 g of intake, there is an electrolyte that replaces 19.5 g of carbohydrates and protein lost by sweat. Vegan protein is a mix of pea and rice protein, and the sweetener is stevia.

Mint Chocolate Taste Test: The texture is a bit thinner than we wanted, but recovery drinks are standard compared to traditional protein shakes. Mint slightly surpasses chocolate, but surprisingly refreshes the shake when the sun is long, and the powder mixes very easily with water.

Buy on Stealth | 25 pounds to 660 g

Recovery protein

SiS REGO Quick Recovery +

Shake, full of malnutrition, helps to recover after a hard training day. A heavy 70g serving contains 24g of protein (whey concentrate), including 38g of carbs and 6g of BCAAs. Leucine is clocked at 1 g at 3 g per serving and 5 g at l-glutamine.

Lemon Taste Test: Perhaps surprisingly, after trying a few different flavors of lego powder lemon, it became a definite winner in the flavored steak. The texture is soft and slightly creamy and often lacks the cloning sweetness that sinks the fruit shakes. The powder is also mixed with water without difficulty.

Buy from SiS | 16 lbs to 490g

Full Steam Recovery Stack

This powder helps endurance athletes recover after long-lasting hard workouts, and provides carbohydrates and proteins to replenish glycogen reserves and help muscles hurt. One serving 70 g contains 17 g of protein and 45 g of carbohydrates, as well as other useful ingredients such as vitamin C and choline, which are important essential nutrients when Dolly Parton wrote about it. The serving contains 5 g of sugar and found sucralose in the ingredient list.

Cookie and Cream Taste Test: The two flavors (Strawberry, Cookie and Cream) chosen by Fullsteam are easy to fall into “aggressively sweet” parentheses. In other words, the powder was well mixed with water and it was not a big difficulty ur a sweet drink after a hard track workout in humid conditions.

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