How To Drive Cockroaches Out from Your House Neutrally

Cockroaches are one of the most disturbing insects for housewives, especially the small species that live inside the refrigerator. They pollute food, and they pollute the dishes in the kitchen, . It must be noted that cockroaches are insects that disappear during The daytime period, they appear during the night, this is why we are required to keep food well stored in a well closed box or refrigerator, In this article we are going to show you some non-chemical tricks and tips in order to drive cockroaches out of your house.

Ways to get rid of cockroaches from home:

Baking Soda and Sugar: mix in equal amounts of sugar and baking soda, then mix the ingredients well, and put them near areas where cockroaches are spread.

Laurel Leaves: Put Laurel powder in areas where cockroaches are.

SOAP SOLUTION: A mixture of soap and water is made, then the mixture is sprayed onto the cockroaches, leading to its killing.

Ammonia: Put two cups of ammonia in a bowl of water, then wipe the bathroom outlet and the kitchen sink with the mixture.

Boric Acid: A quantity of white flour is mixed with a quantity of uric acid, a little sugar, then forming a paste with the mixture, forming it as balls, then put them in areas where the cockroaches are spread.

Pepper, Garlic and Onion:Put 2 teaspoons of pepper powder in a bowl, then add a garlic clove, a quantity of onion paste in a liter of water, leave it for 1 hour, add 2 teaspoons of liquid soap and apply it to all areas where cockroaches are present.

Vaseline: Put an amount of petroleum jelly in the inner edge of an empty bottle, then put some fruit peelings inside the bottle to attract the cockroaches, so that they fall into the trap, thus facilitating the disposal process.

Cucumber: The option crusts are placed in the aluminum, then left to react with the aluminum, resulting in a strong odor that is difficult for the cockroaches to resist.

Alcohol and Hair-Stabilizers: are sprayed directly on cockroaches.

Important tips to get rid of cockroaches :

  • Sewer cover and sewers tightly, Cover all openings and holes with cement.
  • Put balls of naphthalene in the bathroom, because the smell of naphthalene smells unbearable cockroaches.
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the tub or leaving water in the kitchen cabinets, to prevent the environment being suitable for cockroaches.
  • Keep your house clean, and get rid of waste first-hand.
  • Avoid crashing cockroach eggs, to avoid breeding.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the house floor by cleaning it with laundry detergent and water. The use of pesticides intended to kill caterpillars, which are in the form of gelatin. Avoid leaving the food for a long time outside the fridge, especially at night.
  • Clean the kitchen from fat; because the cockroaches gather on it.
  • Repair of water taps.
  • Put the naphthalene cut into the corners of the house.
  • Remove wood from the house, where cockroaches prefer wood to hide from the cold.
  • Close cracks and gaps in windows and doors.
  • Throw the trash down.
  • Do not leave foods exposed.
  • Place cucumber, lemon, garlic, and peppermint in places where cockroaches gather, they are considered repellents.

Cockroaches are annoying insects, whose shape can frighten all people. They are often associated with waste and rags, but you can see them at home, wandering around the kitchen or the bedroom. We can find it all over the world and have the ability to adapt quickly, and can live without food for more than a month. In addition to this, the cockroaches leave behind chemical effects by their waste, which are toxic substances harmful to our health and a means of communication between them and this is the main reason that they gather in a specific place. Here are the strongest natural repellent for all insects, especially cockroaches – it is laurel leaves.

Leaves of laurel, or what Moroccans know as “the paper of our master Moses,” are the best natural repellent for cockroaches. This herb does not kill it, but it push cockroaches away because they do not like its smell . Put laurel leaves everywhere in your home. Put ten leaves of garlands in the garden or in the kitchen and you will never see cockroaches again. It can be used as dried or fresh, but the best way is to crush it and use it as a powder, because it releases a much stronger scent.

It is a good trick to clean your home from the disturbing cockroaches.

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