The Unbelievable Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the aromatic aromatic herbs, which are associated with many health benefits .

The rosemary has always been used as a kind of spice that is especially added to meat and chicken.

It has been used in ancient medicine as an antidote to convulsions and activates and chasing gases and digestive system problems. Science and modern medicine also has many benefits. It contains high amounts of fiber, minerals and vitamins. It contains no cholesterol or fat. Each 100 grams gives about 131 calories .

Here are the most important benefits of Rosemary:

Antibiotics and inflammatory and promotes immunity
Where it was found to have antimicrobial properties, viruses and various fungi.

  • This has been used in the process of keeping meat and storing it longer.
  • It also contains many antioxidants, including vitamins E, A, C, which makes it an important role in the fight against free radicals and improves the body’s immunity.
  • Rosemary is a strong anti-inflammatory because it contains some acids, substances and potent compounds, such as carnosic acid and carnosol.
  • These compounds work to combat the enzyme that causes pain and inflammation in the body and counteract and prevent the production of excess nitric oxide in the body’s needs, which plays an important role in the incidence of inflammation.
  • Anti-cancer: This herb contains many antioxidants, vitamins E, A, C, polyphenols and carnosol, which is a very strong compound in the fight against cancer.
  • All these components work to destroy cancer cells and influence their representation of food and fight free radicals.
  • Several studies have shown the role of rosemary herb in the treatment of prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, blood and skin cancer.
  • Promote respiratory health: Rosemary helps fight allergies, colds, winter, respiratory infections, flu and asthma.
  • Breathing the smell helps relieve congestion and cleanses the lungs and throat and relieves pain from the headaches associated with respiratory illnesses.
  • Promote digestive health: Since ancient times, rosemary has been used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, dyspepsia and constipation.
  • As an anti-inflammatory and bacteria, especially the bacteria that cause gastric ulcers, it helps in the fight against ulcers and reduces the poisoning of food and various gastrointestinal infections, and also helps to facilitate and facilitate digestion.
  • Migraine treatment and pain relief: It has been found that inhaling the smell of rosemary really helps to relieve migraine, and it can be exploited by boiling it for ten minutes in the water and then inhaling the smell.
  • It has been found that topical treatment with rosemary herb is an analgesic for various muscular, joint and inflammatory diseases.
  • The antidepressant helps improve mood:It has been found that the aroma of rosemary affects certain areas of the brain and improves mood and relaxation.
  • Memory optimization: Many researches have shown the benefits of rosemary and its role in the fight against Alzheimer’s, and that these properties of the herb help improve memory.
  • What gives these properties is the containment of an acid called (carnosic acid), which works to protect neurons, especially brain cells.
  • Anti-aging: The essential oils of rosemary, such as vitamins E, A and C, make it an important role in the fight against aging, wrinkles and free radicals that cause it, stimulate cell renewal, reduce swelling and improve tone. the skin.
  • Hair growth: Some studies have found that the rosemary plant can play a role in reducing hair loss and promoting its growth by inserting it in some pharmaceutical products or by rubbing the scalp directly.

And it was found that it plays a role in the treatment of the alopecia head problem and prevents hair loss or promotes growth.

  • Diuretic: It has been found that rosemary can be a diuretic and helps improve kidney efficiency and helps to expel gases and help reduce the problem of water retention in the body.
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