6 Neutral Ways To Get Rid Of The Midge Forever

The Midges Begin to spread and multiply significantly at the beginning of the spring, which affects a large segment of people in areas where it is spread, where midges bite in redness and inflammation of the skin in some cases, in addition to some species of transmit diseases and epidemics that lead to poisoning or death , And individuals suffer from anxiety and insomnia throughout the night as a result of the concern of exposure bites of the midge, which calls for the search for appropriate ways to get rid of it forever, and here are some ways that can help to push midges out of your house

Ways to get rid of the Midge

6 Neutral Ways To Get Rid Of The Midge

There are many herbs that evade the midges and push them out of the room, wherever there these herbs in the room or smell their smell around the house, the midges run away,

Because the midges do not like the smell of these herbs, and in the following list we will offer you the best herbs to get rid of the naughty Midge.

1. Basil: Prevent the entry of the midges to the house through the spread of basil leaves on the windows of the rooms and the entrances of the house, in addition to planting them in large basins and leaving them on the balcony of the window.

 2. Peppermint Mint: is characterized by a strong aromatic aroma that spreads rapidly in the atmosphere. Mint can be obtained by collecting green or dried leaves, keeping them in paper bags similar to tea bags, and hanging them on windows and various entrances will certainly prevent the entry of the midges to your house.

 3. Laurel Leaves: Are grown in the form of large trees, can be planted in the garden to prevent the midge from approaching the yard and keeping it away.

4. Lavender: It can be used as a perfume for the atmosphere due to its beautiful aromatic aroma. The strong lavender scent can be used by drying and distributing it in small bowls around the house will prevent the midge from thinking to enter your house.

5. Close the Window Entrances: The most places that help the midge to enter the house are the windows and around the cracks or small openings, so before it is dark you must close all the windows or to ensure that their screens (nets covered) well closed to prevent insects from entering . It may not be enough to close the window in the normal way. It may be necessary to check for cracks and openings in the wall by placing a small sulfur torch around it and observing whether the air is flowing or not. If there is an air you have to make sure to close and block the cracks in order to keep your house and family away from the stubborn midge.

6. Cotton: Put a piece of cotton in an old dish you do not need because you will burn the cotton and spray alcohol or as we call sparto on the cotton or dipping the cotton in the alcohol and then burned the cotton and put a green basil on it with steam rising from the cotton; this method will certainly expel the midge out of your lovely house.

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